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Landscapes show the harmony (or disharmony) of our nature. One picture gives you specific information about the country, region, or just a piece of land behind your backyard. You can see the virgin nature, panoramas influenced by men or inhabited parts of our world. My landscapes were taken almost on all continents. The closest one is only 0.5 miles from my home. And farthest? More than 5000 miles. But the distance is not important. All my pictures remind me how beautiful and fragile is our planet.
All photographs of this series are for sale as printed pictures. The number of some photo prints is limited. You can find detailed information here: Artmajeur or contact me for further information.  Each print  from limited series will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.
Digital copies may be available based on a non-exclusive agreement  only for specific use as a print media illustration, advertisement campaign, etc.  In this case please contact me: >>>>>
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