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Photography is a kind of Art. Like painting. We paint with light.The camera is our brush and canvas. Similar to an artist working with a paintbrush, we choose the theme, composition, colors of the final picture.  To do it,  you need knowledge, skills, talent, patience, and a piece of luck.To be in the right time at the right place is an essential condition for most exceptional pictures.   People produce millions of photos every day.To make a picture is a question of a split-second. But to produce remarkable photography needs much more time. Time for creating the idea. Time for searching the right place or object. Time spent while waiting for the proper light conditions. Then follows this split-second ( or sometimes whole minutes) of exposition. And at the end, another piece of time for postprocessing in a digital darkroom.

Welcome to my website.
I am engaged in photography for many years, and it has become a substantial part of my life.
I dedicate myself to fine art photography of nature.  Human beings and human constructions are inseparable parts of nature with all pros and constrain. Therefore you can find in my portfolio not only landscapes, plants, animals, but also portraits, architecture, and street sceneries. Waste and negative human impact is also part of my interest.  All my photos represent my philosophy on how to behave in our environment. How to perceive nature, animals, and the whole harmony of life that was given to our planet Earth.

I devoted part of my creation  to abstract photography. I believe that this is one of the ways how to understand the complexity of our world. Such a point of view could help us to focus on sustainable and wise coexistence within our environment.
Each photo in my galleries shows the real object or detail of nature captured in specific circumstances, which are not possible to repeat. In my photographs, I emphasize composition and visual expression. All the presented pictures are my copyright works.  If you like my way of creation and my view of nature, do not hesitate and look at my PORTFOLIO.

Igor Borišek
All rights reserved © Igor Borišek- ibartphotography.com
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