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Day 5

Today promises many new experiences, We are going to an area dominated by Iceland's largest glacier Vatnajökull. With its area of 8100 km² it covers about 8-10% of the Iceland area. About 20 glacial tongues slide down from the edges of the glacier. We will see two of them up close today. There are several hiking tours, the real forest, an unusual waterfall. We will  sailing on the lagoon. We will experience rain, sun, strong wind. Black and white world with a bit of green and blue. And finally a beach full of beautiful diamonds.

Glacial water meanders through almost flat land and flows into the sea.

It carries a large amount of volcanic ash with it creating beautiful almost black and white scenery.

Today's first stop is Skaftafell National Park. It is characterized by extreme rarity. Part of the park is covered by a natural forest consisting mainly of dwarf birch. There are two more places in Iceland where a natural forest has been preserved. The others were cut down by Viking inhabitants in the 9th century.

The surrounding meadows also show that this place is favorable for the growth of the local flora. The Coastalplain  Angelica is a typical plant in Iceland.

In Skaftafella we walked more than 10 km. During one of the tours we found this basalt organ  which was a promise of other beautiful views.

And it is it.  Such a view is really worth it.

Svartifoss waterfall.

A wonderful creation of nature.

Another attraction of the national park is the slide of the Vatnajökull glacier.

Amazing view even in heavy rain. It is a bit like a wide ski slope ideal for large carvig curves.

But a closer look brings us back to reality. There will be no skiing today. It's time to move on.

We will not get rid of the view of the ice today. Vatnajökull is so huge that it creates its own weather.

His biggest tongue ends up in the Jökulsárlón lagoon.

Sailing through the lagoon was an extraordinary experience despite the strong wind and cold.

The weather was miserable but everything was compesated by amazing light conditions.

A woman with a child? Or lovers?

And finally a diamond beach. Pieces of ice washed away from the lagoon by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean abrade and return to the beach. These pieces of ice attract photographers like meat flies. But everyone can get a piece.

It was left for me too.

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