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Day 12

Today we are leaving the north coast and returning to the capital to close our tour of Iceland. The weather was still nice on the coast, but on the way south it changed completely.  The strong rain and wind accompanied us for rest of the day. That's why we missed some stops. Today is the second day when the weather has ruined our plans. However, concerning the volatility of the Icelandic weather, the score of 13:2 is excellent. So today's weather didn't disgust us at all.

The day began with this magnificent (trumpery?) sunrise.

The morning sun still illuminated the landscape but dark clouds are already appearing in the distance.

The rain is coming.

We came to the town of Hvammstangi to see the seals located on the shore near the town. Meanwhile, the rain intensified, visibility was very poor and so we gave up. Not a soul in the streets only ravens reigned in the streetlight. Like in Hitchcock's movie.

Since we already missed volcanoes and craters in the north, we went on a tour of the Grabrok craters even in poor weather.

The center of the main crater is about 3600 years old. The group of craters marks the beginning of the eastern volcanic zone - Ljósufjöll.

There is a beautiful view from the crater. Even in a  bad weather.

Proof that mushrooms grow everywhere. Also in Iceland.

Glanni Waterfall was in our list.

Detail of a  Glanni waterfall.

And another geothermal spring Deildartunguhver. Yield 180 l/s, temperature 95 ° C. It feed nice thermal bath and swimming pool.

You can buy a real Icelandic hot dog here ...

... and eat it in a greenhouse between tomatoes and pumpkins which thrive here thanks to the thermal spring. Flowers, vegetables, and bananas too are grown in greenhouses in Iceland. Greenhouse heating is practically free but greenhouses need artificial lighting for most of the year. That was our penultimate stop on the rainy way to Reykjavík.

In the hotel with a view of the cathedral. We completed the last stop in a dry and warm place. A toast to a happy return home.

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