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Day 6

Today we enter the area of the southeastern fjords. Fewer tourists come to this area. Nevertheless, according to local experts, this is a very interesting part of Iceland. High mountain ranges, rocky cliffs, views of sea bays are very attractive. Our expectations were high. In previous days, we experienced all kinds of weather in Iceland. Strong winds and rain accompanied us throughout the journey so far. However, thanks to good equipment we had no problem to fulfill our daily plan. But everything has an end.

The day began with nice almost windless weather.

Sheep are still sleeping.

The Vatnajökull Glacier is illuminated by the morning sun.

We found this waterfall on the way. There are tens of thousands of such "small waterfalls" in Iceland. But only one is with a red house.

The weather gradually got worse. We were overtaken by a heavy rain and clouds covered the surrounding world.

In such weather, we came to Stokksnes beach which is one of the most photogenic places. The Vestrahorn ridge was hidden in the clouds.
With good visibility, it would look like in this photomontage.

So at least a few shots of the surroundings in the rain and we move on.

We must stop thinking about a missed chance. The following images show that it is possible to take nice  photos even in bad weather.

Lighthouse in Höfn.

Mountain ridge on the Hvalnes peninsula.

South coast beach.

Small coastal islands.

Finally, we arrived at the end of our today trip. The town of Eskifjörður.

Accommodation Mjóeyri was stylish ...

... local restaurant as well.

The weather improved in the evening and we started looking forward to the next day.

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